Case Studies

Mr LM is an 85-year-old, active, retired engineer, living with his wife. Over the past two decades he has developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, urinary symptoms and osteoarthritis. He found himself taking eight regular medicines, which he felt were a burden to him. He and his wife wondered if he really needed all eight medicines, but were also concerned about his health and wanted to follow the recommendations of his doctors.

At a recent appointment with his GP, Mr LM mentioned that he had some difficulties with regular activities at home. His GP reviewed his medicines and discussed the reasons for taking each of them with Mr LM and his wife. His GP also referred him to an accredited pharmacist for a home medicines review to detect any drug-related problems. After receiving feedback from the pharmacist, the GP spoke with Mr and Mrs LM again, and together they agreed on several medicines that may be suitable for trial discontinuation.

One month later, three of his medicines had been withdrawn. Mr and Mrs LM were pleased about this as they were involved in the decision on which medicines to continue and which to discontinue, and were supported by their GP throughout the process. Additionally, they had noticed a great improvement in his quality of life, in particular he was less drowsy and much more alert.

Mrs LM said, ‘For the first time in over a year, my husband has picked up and used his smartphone.’

Based on a real patient with details changed to protect his privacy.

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    Case Study