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What is deprescribing?

Deprescribing is the planned and supervised process of stopping (or dose reduction) of medication that is causing harm, or no longer of benefit. Deprescribing is part of good prescribing – reducing when doses are too high, or stopping medications that are no longer needed. Deprescribing involves patients, their family and/or carer, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Do not stop taking or change the dose of your medications without talking to your GP or other healthcare professional.

What other organisations are involved in deprescribing?

Many other organisations in Australia are involved in deprescribing including healthcare organisations (such as hospitals and local health districts) and Universities. There are also national organisations, go to Helpful Links for more information.

Not in Australia? Consider reaching out to our international colleagues at the Canadian Deprescribing Network (CaDeN), US Deprescribing Research Network (USDeN), English Deprescribing Network (EDeN), and Northern European Researchers in Deprescribing (NERD). Links to more resources and international organisations involved in the deprescribing movement are available in the Helpful Links section of our website.

I’m interested in using or adapting one of the resources on this website, where do I start?

The resources and tools hosted on or linked to on the Australian Deprescribing Network (ADeN) website have been developed by individuals, teams and or organisations, not ADeN itself (unless explicitly stated as such). Please contact the developer(s) directly. Where possible we have provided a contact name and email. Additionally, many of the resources contain information about copyright.

I’ve developed and/or published a resource on deprescribing, can it be added to the ADeN website?

We love sharing and improving accessibility to all resources which can improve medication safety! The Australian Deprescribing Network public engagement subcommittee reviews resources and requests on a case-by-case basis. Our team updates the website approximately every 3 to 6 months as availability of our members permits; so please understand that requests may not be attended to straight away.

Please send us an email and we will be in touch with a request for further information about your resource.

Can I get a letter of support from ADeN for my grant application?

ADeN can provide a letter of support for researchers and research groups who are applying for funding and grants relevant to our mission. If you would like ADeN to provide you or your research team with a letter of support, please complete and submit this form. Once received, your application will be disseminated to the Executive Committee and reviewed by members of the ADeN Executive Committee. We will contact you regarding the progress of your application. Please allow a minimum of TWO weeks for feedback.

ADeN is also now listed as a Partner Organisation in Sapphire (NHMRC Grants).

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