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Promoting research, awareness, practice and policy on deprescribing to improve the safe and appropriate use of medicines for all Australians.

MedsAware Deprescribing Action Week

The Australian Deprescribing Network (ADeN) is proud to partner with The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) for MedsAware Deprescribing Action Week, 2024.         

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ADeN is excited to launch the Inaugural Deprescribing Online Poster Competition, in 2024!

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Innovative service models to support deprescribing in hospital

Sedative and anticholinergic drugs are commonly associated with harm in older adults. The Drug Burden Index (DBI) developed by Professor Sarah Hilmer, is a validated clinical risk assessment tool which measures exposure to anticholinergics and sedatives. A bundle of resources, including the DBI in the electronic Medical Records (eMR) have been implemented in Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) and Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) hospitals in NSW, to help clinicians identify and prioritise high-risk older patients for medication review and facilitate deprescribing of DBI-contributing drugs where appropriate.

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Researchers across Australia and internationally are working on projects to inform deprescribing in practice.


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Latest research

Are clinicians & caregivers on the same page when it comes to #deprescribing in nursing home residents near the end-of-life?

This interview study highlights key themes:

Resources to improve caregiver involvement:


@WHOCenterFrailt @AusFrailty @hidenori_arai @GlobalFrailty @CRE_Frailty @FrailtyScience @CFN_NCE @liangkungchen #Frailty across borders: #Deprescribing opportunities in residents of #agedcare services across Asia, Oceania, and Europe
@JAMDAcom @CentMedUseSafet @MIPS_Australia @martinezvelilla @martaguva13,-oceania,-and-europe

A comparison : "Deprescribing Opportunities for Frail Residents of Nursing Homes: A Multicenter Study in Australia, China, Japan, and Spain" @AusFrailty @hidenori_arai @GlobalFrailty @CRE_Frailty @FrailtyScience @FrailtyScience @CFN_NCE @liangkungchen

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About the Australian Deprescribing Network

Who is ADeN and why do we exist?

The Australian Deprescribing Network (ADeN) comprises of clinicians, academic researchers, policy makers, students and consumers working together to develop the evidence-base, clinical guidance and knowledge translation to facilitate deprescribing of medicines that are no longer providing benefit or are causing harm.

ADeN aims to promote research, awareness, practice and policy for the safe and appropriate use of medicines for all Australians.

This website aims to share and exchange information about deprescribing approaches and deprescribing research with the public, health care providers and researchers.                    


What is Deprescribing?

Deprescribing is the planned and supervised process of dose reduction or stopping of medication that might be causing harm, or no longer be of benefit.

Deprescribing is part of good prescribing – backing off when doses are too high, or stopping medications that are no longer needed.

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